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Vacanze Mare Italia

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Breathtaking panoramic views, historical and artistic beauties and local culture make Ravello one of the most beautiful centres in Amalfi Coast, since 1996 declared World's Heritage of Mankind by the Unesco.

Lying on a small plateau, the small centre of Amalfi Coast keeps numerous beauties which every year draw thousands of visitors from all over the world. Among these, the famous Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, historical homes able to enchant for their panoramic sight and their peculiarities, such as the well-groomed gardens both of them have, and the presence of important historical finds.

Among the religious monuments which are noteworthy there is the Cathedral, which is annexed to a Museum, whose construction goes back approximately to the end of the year 1000.
Having always been a favourite destination for artists, thinkers and men of letters for its beauty but also for the quietness and the serenity it offers to all those who stay there, Ravello gave hospitality to personages such as Wagner, Verdi, Eduardo De Filippo, Paul Newmann, Mirò, Greta Garbo, Alcide de Gasperi, Totò, Federico Fellini and so many more.

A ritualized event and a date not to be missed for its estimators is the Ravello Festival, dedicated to Wagner, which every year, in the enchanting setting of Villa Rufolo, houses numerous concerts and art representations of remarkable importance.

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Situated in the historic centre of a town rich in monuments, sheltered and surrounded by the green of pine trees of the nearby Villa Rufolo, you will find Hotel Rufolo. with its sweeping view over the whole gulf in a dreamlike vision it offers unique peace and beauty in the world. And this atmosphere gave the inspiration to many writers as D. H. Lawrence who started his "Lady Chatterley's lover", Domenico Rea and Lucette Desvignes. Famous musicians or artists stayed here as Bruno Walte...

In a wonderful creek of the Amalfi Coast sea rises the Marmorata Hotel. The hotel has been drawn by the restoration of an ancient papermill owned by the Camera d'Afflitto Family who still runs it....

You Are Here: Home > Ravello

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